Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pilot Custom 74 Blue

I bought this pen and ink together from Japan ordered through Rakuten. It arrived within 5 days.

Pilot Custom 74 Blue with Fine nib= 8,000yen

Pilot Iroshiizuk Ku-Jaku Ink = 1,125yen

Most part of the body are made of resin. Its overall weight is about 20g. Pretty easy to carry. The length is about 143mm and 155mm when posted.

The screw-on cap is about 66mm and weigh about 8g. The clip is an upside down triangle with a ball on the end and has "PILOT" printed vertically at the top. The clip is stiff and feel very secure.

The band engraving reads "* PILOT MADE IN JAPAN * CUSTOM 74"

The Pilot Custom 74 sports a 14k gold #5 size nib and decorated with engraved classic pattern. Compared to the Fine nib on my Lamy Vista, the Pilot Fine nib writes slightly thinner. This pen is make for the Japanese market, hence I can write small Kanji.

It is a cartridge/converter pen, it can take the Pilot's Con-70 (1 mL), Con-50 (0.7 mL) and Con-20 (0.9 mL) along with Pilot's proprietary cartridges (0.9 mL). In the photo above I'm using CON-70.

I have use it for more than 2 weeks and I'm very please with the overall writing experience. I have so much fun writing with this pen that makes me want to keep on writing. It becomes my current EDC pen.

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